Since I graduated with a professional degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2006, I've spent thousands of hours and many more thousands of dollars learning the most cutting edge techniques that facilitate the body's innate healing response. I've performed thousands of office visits and worked with infants, elderly and everyone in between.  I'm insatiably curious and dogged about figuring cases out. 

My practice is different.

If you want a unique type of care that focuses on the body's deeper healing mechanisms - working with the most important nerves in your body, all the way to optimizing your genetics with customized nutritions - I'm here for you. 

I'm looking for patients dedicated to the path. For open minded individuals who are looking for comprehensive care that is fun and structured to maximize the result that their bodies are capable of. 

If that's you, nice to meet you. 

Thank you for your trust.



Akemi Borjas de Korahais
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture Physician (FL License #2380) 


Getting Started with Doctor Akemi


Local Patients

Most of our patients come from friends or family who've received care. We love taking care of loved ones of people who we already deeply care for. 

Call the office at 352-327-4023 and talk to our amazing office manager and assistant Sheila, who will go through our new patient procedure, and help you schedule an appointment if you need help (or you can schedule your appointment through our online system here).

You'll need to set up an initial appointment, where Dr. Akemi will do a thorough consultation after reviewing your case files and recent labs.  She'll also do a thorough physical exam where she will evaluate the nervous system using functional neurology and manual muscle testing. She will test every major nerve in the body, as well as meridian access points associated with the organs and glands of the body. We will also check for accumulated emotional stress, nutritional insufficiencies, allergies / sensitivities and immune challenges. 

After the exam, Dr. Akemi will study your case to identify what aspects of your nervous system need rehabilitation, and what organs and systems need to be supported. We look for anemias, neurological injuries, chronic infections, autoimmune conditions, heavy metal toxicity, impaired detox pathways, sub-optimal genetic expression including methylation challenges, nutrient absorption issues, SIBO, and more. 

We will meet again at our second appointment, the Report of Findings (which you can schedule here), where you'll receive a written case report with our findings and care plan. 

If your case is accepted into the practice, we'll schedule you for our intensive care program so we can get started!

Patient Intensives

While we do have regular patients that travel from Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, Miami-Dade and Daytona on a regular basis, we also serve patients from all over the United States for intensive care.

It is ideal to come for at least 3 days, which will give us time to do a thorough physical and nutritional exam as well as daily intensive sessions.

Please contact our office directly so we can help you with scheduling and planning your trip. It is recommended that intensive patients come about every 3 months for optimal results. It is especially beneficial to be on a methylation program so that the body's healing mechanisms are optimized while the patient is away.

Online Sessions

There are still those patients who due to physical constraints are unable to physically travel to the clinic. 

For these patients we offer an online video consultation and modified examination. It is especially important to have recent labwork for Dr. Akemi to review, please speak to Sheila to receive your lab order so that we have results back with enough time to review before the session.

Once we have an idea of what's going on in your case, we will write a list of recommendations, including nutrition, lifestyle, and we can also try to find practitioners nearby who may be able to help and are similarly trained to Dr. Akemi. You can schedule your video consultation directly here

Private Intensives

For those who can't travel due to work or health reasons, Dr. Akemi is available to travel to your location. Contact the office directly to find out more.


Painless Acupuncture Center location, contact info, and hours:

5109-B NW 39th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32606
text or call: 1 (352) 327-4023

We are located in the Timber Village shopping center on the corner of NW 39th avenue and 51st street.

We generally work Monday through Wednesdays in the afternoons and mid-day on Thursdays.

Se habla español.