Since I graduated with a professional degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2006, I've spent thousands of hours and many more thousands of dollars learning the most cutting edge techniques that facilitate the body's innate healing response. I've performed thousands of office visits and worked with infants, elderly and everyone in between.  I'm insatiably curious and dogged about figuring cases out. 

My practice is different.

If you want a unique type of care that focuses on the body's deeper healing mechanisms - working with the most important nerves in your body, all the way to optimizing your genetics with customized nutritions - I'm here for you. 

I'm looking for patients dedicated to the path. For open minded individuals who are looking for comprehensive care that is fun and structured to maximize the result that their bodies are capable of. 

If that's you, nice to meet you. 

Thank you for your trust.



Akemi Borjas de Korahais
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture Physician (FL License #2380) 


Painless Acupuncture Center location, contact info, and hours:

5109-B NW 39th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32606
text or call: 1 (352) 327-4023

We are located in the Timber Village shopping center on the corner of NW 39th avenue and 51st street.

We generally work Monday through Wednesdays in the afternoons and mid-day on Thursdays.

Se habla español.