An Ode to Freedom

I feel newly born.

the anguish washed away by
my torrential tears.

the rocky continents within
shaken loose by the sobs
of despair.

microcurrents of lighting
reenergized every cell.

I feel a hole.


"am I alone?" my gut asks.

No. NO.

the loneliness
left behind by the rage,
by the WHYs

by the fact that only I,
in all my raw, gory, anguished

by the fact that only I
could traverse that journey

Finally the space to feel
the All that is there.

the quieted jackhammer sits,

this Emptiness
is freedom.

This poem was inspired by the release of the trauma I experienced at the moment my being realized that I had ovarian cancer. This session was guided by my friend and mentor, Dr. Frank Segreto. Thank you, Frank.